I watched the debate. I was disappointed Sarah Palin didn’t fall down, have a seizure or anything. I figured she’d be going humina humina humina. I’m disappointed. She did better than expected. It wasn’t good but it wasn’t awful.

I’ve got a whole list of questions:
Did she look Presidential? I guess Bush has lowered the bar so much.
Did Biden? Well?
If the old man dies, let’s say that somehow McCain wins and dies. Will she fill in well. Did he? If aliens invaded who would you want in the white house.

Did she answer the questions? No. She had words and sentences. Most of it made sense.
Do you think she understood the questions or the topic? I don’t know, she didn’t answer the questions or the topics. She presented herself as a fake populist. She’s a Republican. Who do you think made greed and corruption possible.
They seem like they’re running against themselves. They are the fat cats who’ve been around for 8 years.

Give a call, tell us what you thought about the debates and this bailout. There’s something not being talked about. Everyone talks how we have to win in Iraq. We can’t win in Iraq. There are no good options there. There is no victory there, that was lost as soon as we invaded the wrong country. They want to re-fight Vietnam. Palin keeps saying McCain knows how to win a war. No he doesn’t he was shot down in Vietnam.

We can stay indefinitely and be targets and prop up a puppet government, or we can leave and hope the Iraqis can sort out their problems without becoming another Afghanistan and we can move our resources to Afghanistan to get bin Laden.

Israel has nukes. They just don’t want to admit it. Lets say Iran gets them soon. You can’t stop progress. But no one is talking about the whole reason. Israel has them and they’re crazy. They’ve got a chip on their shoulder. They’re testy and have nukes. McCain isn’t going to clean up Washington. He’s been there 26 years. He used to be a maverick, but he gave that up to run for president. He keeps changing positions. Not sure how Biden didn’t bring this up, but McCain flew to DC to “Save the economy” and did it help, no.

Palin was George Bush with tits. There was some talk that she might be wired for the debate, I don’t think that’s true. I was disappointed. I wanted her to implode and run out of the room crying.

Josh in TX
Josh – I heard it on the radio. I think she danced around most of the questions and didn’t sound real confident. They were borderline answers.
Mojo – watching it, in the first few minutes she looked afraid. Then she found a rhythm and got some confidence. If she didn’t trip over her own feet, we’d think she’d do ok because the expectations were so low.
Josh – no one cares what McCain has to say anymore. They are all looking at her in case McCain dies in a year or two.

Normally VP and VP debates don’t matter. The goal is not to screw up. But Palin will get people to vote and McCain is old. She may have to jump in, most don’t.

Ken in NM
Ken – I’m nowhere in MX. On I-40. I love you to death but I disagree with you. The name of your show is more fitting for Biden than anyone I’ve ever seen. About a day before he was named to the ticket, someone put a mic in his car and asked him if he was being considered. He answered that there’ve been no talks between him and Obama’s camp.
Mojo – he’s known as a bit of a talker, but all of a sudden a couple weeks before he got real quiet which is a sure sign something’s going down. 
Ken – he could have spun it completely different. All I care about it is how they’re spinning the stuff. It’s a matter of how they’re going to lie to us. I think Palin has done a good job in Alaska and I hope they get elected.
Mojo – how do you think they’ll get elected. In all the battleground states Obama is always in the lead
Ken – pole is only as good as the people you ask.
Mojo – I saw an Obama sticker on a pickup truck at a civil war battlefield. To me that means its over.
Ken – don’t you think any Yankees come down and visit us in the south. They’re our biggest economic boost.
Mojo – I predicted a democrat would win a year ago. I heard Homer Simpson will be voting Obama.

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Ronnie in FL
R – I heard all I could stand of it. I found my 5 gallon bucket so I could puke. If I gave you 10 weeks of training, I bet you could drive a truck. I don’t care about her experience, I want to get rid of the corruption.
M – Someone needs to go to jail.
R – I bounce a check, I get fined or go to jail. Get rid of the career politicians. Ted Kennedy should be the first out the door. Then McCain. A religious war has been going on for 5000 years and no one has solved it yet. Get Jesse The Body Ventura in there. It shouldn’t be a career in Iraq.

Norman in OR
Norman – Wasn’t impressed by Palin. Might make a good mom on a sitcom.
M – She’s perky, ambitious, personable. You end up liking her even if you hate everything she’s said.
N – that’s good for the Partridge family.
M – you’re from England. You have a different perspective. I thought after the Katie Couric interview she’s be a mess. But this time she had answers that made sense. Even if they didn’t ask her those questions, she made a pivot and answered something.
N – Bush is the same way, but after 8 years he still can’t answer
M – But she’s trainable. I can’t believe when asked what magazines and papers she reads, she couldn’t answer with one.
N – I hope Obama and Biden win it, there’s too much corruption.

David in CA
David – I listened, but I don’t know what these people are listening to. She answered the questions she was asked. The only lying was Biden backtracking and trying to make it sound like Palin didn’t know what she was talking about. We understood all of what she was saying. Biden has no idea what a blue collar worker is. She had to bust her ass to get where she is today. If Obama gets into office, we’re fucked. I would love to see her, even as president.
M – some would say we’re fucked up anyway. It doesn’t matter who’s going to be president. I think Obama will get us out of Iraq before McCain will.
D – I have five members of my family in Iraq. One is wounded and on his way home. We’re there to help them out and bring democracy. I’d rather have my family come home if they don’t want us there. Let them fight the bullshit themselves.

Ben in MT
Ben – I listened on Sirius. I’m not sure how anyone can listen on the radio and not think that Palin sounds like their ex-wife or wife.
M – part of it is that she’s a woman with a high pitched voice with an Alaskan accent. She doesn’t talk with a deep politicians voice. What really matters is if she’s smart and can lead the country.
B – and I’m not sure of that. She kept up with a few of the things on foreign policy. I’m just living up in the woods in a trailer
M – you anywhere near where the Unabomber was
B – I’ve seen a few shacks out there that could be his.
M –that’s the great thing about the west. Lots of room for the nut jobs.

Robert in NYC
Robert – I don’t agree with the bailout. Are we bailing out the rich people.
M – they’re trying to say if they don’t bail us out, we’ll all be worse off. To me if you engage in high-risk behavior, you have to be willing to bail.
R – they were cooking the books for everyone so they could make their commission.
M – we should make them wear barrels on wall st and shine our shoes.
R – McCain is too old. I don’t like Obama.
M – McCain is always contradicting himself. You can’t have three positions in a day.

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Dusty in TN
D – There’s another choice in Rob Paul
M – I loved it when he was running in the primaries scaring the shit out of the Republicans. But he’s got a little too much Jesus in him. Too much of a little invisible friend I can’t see. I’m libertarian. The problem with our system is that it is really a two party race all the time. We need more parties.

My momma is still sending me stuff trying to make me better. If I told her the top five nasty things I did on the road, she’d just die. She thinks I’m so bad that when I die I’ll create a vacuum and suck some of my other family members on down with me.

Dave in WA

D – I’m on my way to Spokane for guard duty. 7 days. I’m a republican, but if you’re just going to use verbal attacks against Obama that’s not showing much problem solving.
M – he’s in a tough spot, Bush hasn’t given him anything.
D – the sad thing is that the Iraqi people had more people out voting for their first election than we do in the US percentage wise.
M – in Australia you get a fine if you don’t vote.
D – with the bailout, if the legislation that passed during the Clinton and Bush years let the banks put all the money at risk, if we’d done it we’d have to be held accountable for our actions.
M – you rob one, you’re a criminal. You rob thousands and you get a bailout. I thought they put stuff in after the depression. I tried reading about what they’d been doing and it gave me a huge headache.

Mike in OH
Mike – we need a Washington insider. We have Jim Traficant. He ran from prison even. He may not be clean, but he knew now to get the job done. McCain is just a puppet now.
Mo – didn’t Jim have some mob friends?
Mike – his wife or something had some family that was affiliated.

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