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Show was on for a year and a half before a pet psychic kicked him off the air.
Now he’s back and completely uncensored.

It is the same Mojo as on OC and NASCAR channels and the same mojo that played with Skid Roper and ToadLiqors

Next week is the big launch, this is the soft launch

Wrote Elvis is everywhere and Tie My Pecker to My Leg, Debbie Gibson is pregnant with my 2 headed love child.

Mojo’s goal with the show is lofty. What if Bill hicks was hosting face the nation, Richard Pryor This week in Washington.

Our politicians are nothing but whores who are bought and paid for. It takes maybe a couple hundred million to be a senator. How much for a presidential runner? More, and people are just giving money expecting nothing in return.

Politicians are nothing but lyin’ cocksuckers!!!

Mojo’s an anarchist libertarian.

Mojo doesn’t care about you or your children. He’s alive once, and he’s for living now.

(Mojo needs to get the text to say it is him)

Mojo had an epiphany about the war

The war in Iraq is about 2 things, leave or stay 20 years

Iraq didn’t attack us, Osama did.

Maybe it will be more than 20 years. What if we quell all the violence

What are our options?

Our goal is to decrease terrorism.

[Boy do I miss rewind and pause –ed]

--Bill Hicks clip—

Mojo has commercials? Commercial for GoToMeeting who wouldn’t let us run ads here on the site, oh well. Gotomeeting.com/Sirius

Commercial for adult toys from adameve.com

Crap they better pay Mojo better with all these commercials! [this is not Mojo talking]

Well the phone is fucked up. Just going to a message and Mojo is pissed. Mojo does a Bullethead (his manager) voice saying its too late to call anyone.

Mojo claims he can talk all by himself for an hour, he did it for most of a year and a half. But this was supposed to be live so he could talk to people, but no, that’s screwed up.

Iraq can be summed up simply. John McCain went over to prove how safe it was, he was wearing a bulletproof vest, tanks on the ground and helicopters in the air.

Matt Zimmerman a former light bulb manufacturer is the mastermind behind the show in NY.

Elizabeth Edwards, John Edwards’ wife. Mojo likes him. He’s from NC, dad worked in a mill and handsome. All things Mojo is. But he’s a lawyer, and lawyers lie. Lawyers lie about lying.

Elizabeth came out in support of gay marriage. That’s great. Mojo thinks if you’re against gay marriage, don’t marry someone of the same sex. He doesn’t think a bunch of divorced adulterers want to lecture him about the sanity of marriage. The holiness of marriage. The state should only be in the business of civil unions. Holy matrimony should take place in a church. You can’t have 2 sets of laws, that’s discrimination.

What about the people working both sides of the street.

Channel 102 used to have a lot of guys, then a bunch of women’s shows came on and there wasn’t really a place for Mojo. He wanted to come back live so he could talk to people, so much for that idea.

Mojo has an idea about that. Millions have snuck across the boarder and are working for less than minimum wage. How do you fix it? Amnesty isn’t the problem. The problem is American businessmen are hiring undocumented laborers. Why, because they can pay them less money. If you stop hiring them, they’ll stop coming. If they have to follow the rules, they’ll follow the rules and only outlaws will hire the undocumented ones.

Way too many hotels, stores and construction workers hiring these guys and paying them under the table. If you can’t get a job, would people still be coming here. Put people in jail and fining them $100k+ and putting them in jail for a year for each worker they hire. Once they get here and become part of the system, then after a couple years decide to reapply or go home.

The economy in San Diego would die if they had to get rid of all the illegals.

The other reason they sneak across is drugs. We need to legalize drugs.

Make it so only adults can buy them. Don’t let kids buy them. If we legalize drugs and stop hiring illegal workers people would stop coming. Then the ones who are still coming might be ones we need to catch and throw in jail because theyre probably doing something wrong.

Richard Pryor clip

More commercials
Quicken loans


Ashley Madison.com – finally a sponsor we can advertise here


Next week they’ll take calls, they’re giving up on this week.

He wants YOU on the air, drunk and high. Telling Mojo he’s wrong or right.

What’s going to happen in 08?
The Republicans don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell. Mojo think’s he’s fucking it up beyond fucktivity and is screwing it up for the next 20 years.

When Bush had to figure out a running mate, he hired Cheney to head a committee to find who should be the next VP. He ran a sneak attack and hired himself.
Cheney and Gonzalez and not giving away documents. It’s going to screw the party.

It doesn’t matter who the Republicans run. They could run Jesus Jr and he’d lose to Hitler Jr as long as Hitler Jr wasn’t a Republican.

The soldiers who died over there died for no reason. We got rid of Saddam, but it is worse there now than it was before.

Iraq was a minor thorn in our side, he was a paper tiger who’d already been defeated by us in the first Gulf War and by Iran. There are dictators all over the world, but we aren’t going after all of them.

If there was an indigenous uprising, that would be something different. But that didn’t happen. We made a mistake, we aren’t on a mission from god. We’re screwing things up. Our goal should be to decrease Islamic jihadism. It has nothing to do with Al Qaeda. It has to do with Mohammed. It’s like a Texas college football game, but they have guns (which isn’t that different from a Texas football game but whatever –ed)

More commercials

Mojo wants someone to fix the damn phones. Screw the protocol, fix the show.

Coni Rice should shut up. She’s the one who got the memo that the Osama was ready to attack the US. Does she get fired? No she gets promoted.

Are they evil with an evil plan? Or are they true believers, like Osama, but on the other side.

That’s it for this week, sorry about the bitching, but it is his show and he can do what he wants.

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