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War in Iraq
Immigration Reform
Flat tax
The Da Vinci Code

McDonalds is full of it and getting on Mojo's nerves.
Every year they have a campaign to support their Ronald McDonald House charity.
Helping kids and their families, Mojo's for that. Helping the poor, healing the sick.
What irks Mojo is that they want us to support their Ronald McDonald House charity. It isn't like they serve us deep fried cardboard down our throats. Why do they want us to give? So we know they have a charity and so we can feel good for giving to charity.

Mojo is a psycho, and what irks him is that McDonalds has the nerve to ask him to give money to their charity so THEY can look better. How many have they served? How many franchises do they have? How much advertising can they blanket on the kids channels. McDonalds has more money than Jesus and the Pope. They say, "buy our crappy food and give some money to kids while you're at it." They should give 10% of their operating profits and they'd cure cancer.

McDonalds is the Devil, as he put in his song, "You Can't Kill Me". They're putting something in their food to make us weak, sterile and subservient. How else do you explain and Bush getting re-elected. Also they're in cahoots with Walt Disney, the Mormons and the Alien puppet masters. Next time you look at a Mormon Temple, what does it look like? Disneyland!

You've all had good hamburgers, at the quickie-shop, locally owned hamburger shops. Nice and greasy, cures your hangover and taste goods. You had a good hamburger, why do you need McDonalds, you didn't have it there.

They show that if you have enough advertising, you can sell crap in a sack. And they have a lot of nerve to ask us to donate money to their charity. They are using their poor sick kids and their families to make them look better.

-short break-
The Mc Rib is back. That should cause one question. Where's the bone? Looks like its been pressed in a play-doh toy. Looks like it has bones, but it doesn't. So where's the bones. Who goes and eats a Mc Rib.
All over the country there are good BBQ places. Carolina, Memphis BBQ. You gotta have meat and a good slow cooking system. Bill's BBQ in San Diego has all that. McDonalds doesn't. What does a Mc Rib taste like. Mc rib is to BBQ what Dominos is to real Pizza!

If Mojo sees Ronald McDonald walking down the street, he wants to kick the crap out of him.

--Song Livin' in the USA, Steve Miller--

Cheeseburgers are american. FU McDonalds.

Last week Mojo gave thanks for not having to believe in God. Religion served a purpose and it has past. Then Sunday morning Mojo's waiting for a football game to come on, and a religious show comes on and he's all upset (Coral Ridge Hour). A TV preacher who bilks old ladies out of money. What he says is that he's going to expose The Da Vinci Code. Now mojo hasn't seen the movie or read the book, he's read the earlier book, Holy Blood, Holy Grail. He says the The Da Vinci Code is a myth masquerading as fact, pretending to be true. Now this is a TV preacher telling us this. What is tradition religion? One definition would be that it is a myth masquerading as fact. Maybe they don't like people horning in on their act.

It doesn't matter if Jesus had kids. We aren't in a hereditary ruling system. We're in a meritocracy. Why are the Catholics and conservative religions upset by the da vinci code? Because it exposes them. If The Da Vinci Code is masquerading as fact, what are they.

Mojo's seen the movie last night. He knows the facts. It was fine. A whodunit.

He has a new book he just got, went to the controversial book store. The Psychopath's Bible: For the Extreme Individual. By Christopher Hyatt and Jack Willis at New Falcon Press

Very interesting quote. "The great secret to control is to diminish pleasure and increase guilt. Happy people can't be controlled. Guilty people demand to be punished. All religions and governments are built on these principles."

If you feel guilty about your body and having sex, well they have you. If you don't you're like Mojo.

--quick break--

Mojo Agrees with George Bush!!!!!

Mojo admits the president has a few good ideas. Immigration reform and flat tax.
The president was in Estonia and supported the flat tax there. Thinks we should have one here. The system is open, transparent and simple. Mojo agrees. The current system is too complicated, contradictory laws. There should be a 8% tax, if you make more that $20k, nothing if less. No deductions for rich or poor. Everyone treated equally. There are no tax exempt statuses. Hello TV preachers. Hello united way.

This is fair. Everyone pays proportional. If you make $8 million, you pay your fair share. You can bring Jesus back to life and make him walk on water, but you still have to pay your 8%.

The problem with our progressive system is that the more money you make, the more accountants and lawyers you can buy to drop what you pay to way below 30%. We'd get rid of all of that, and get a bunch of CPA and tax lawyers out of business.

You know how much money you have, it is real simple.

But mojo, the government needs more that 8%. No they don't. They need to become more efficient.

Mojo moves to his analogy of a hotel or restaurant.

You go to a small hotel, and those guys check you in as fast as humanly possible. You are in the room within 5 minutes of driving up.

But if you go to a chain that's owned by a corporation or franchise, it can take a half hour. Why? Because it isn't their money. They barely know how to work the computer to check you in. "We Can't find your name". The guy who owns the business, its in his interest to get you checked in so he can go back to watching the football game. The regular employee, he doesn't care.

The same is true with the government. If we only give them 8% they have to figure out a way to make things work with that and make it more efficient. Hell after you get hired, you have to rape a baby on TV to get fired. If people aren't pulling their weight, get rid of them. If they're paying $800 for a hammer, take them out and hit them in the foot with it.

Trying to fix the current system is like peeing in the ocean. It's going to take a long time to raise the water level. Who's going to get most screwed, the people with a lot of money because they aren't paying anywhere close to 8%.

The super duper rich will bee real mad. They may try to put their money off shore. Make it so if you put there money there, they have to live there and can't use it here.

A simple, equal flat tax for everyone. Mojo and the president agree.

--Bill Hicks Clip--

Who's the biggest Lyin' Cocksucker? George W Bush.

If we stay, more americans will die, more chaos and civil war, not that we're allowed to call it civil war. But mojo know's it is civil war. When Bush went over there to meet the Iraq president, he did it over in Jordan. Why not in Iraq? He went over there and couldn't even go into the country.

Bush won't pull the soldiers off the battlefield until the mission is complete.

Bush is a fool. Thinks we can win in Iraq. We invaded the wrong country. There is no victory in Iraq. It has nothing to do with us or 9/11. Our goal is less terrorism. There is no end to terrorism. We can only hope to suppress it.

Bush wants to blame Iraq and al-Qaeda, he can't blame the democrats anymore. It was a stupid idea from the beginning. Never had any chance of success. We're targets over there.

Al-qaeda accounts for 2-3% of the people on the ground causing trouble, so then 97% of the people causing problems there are not al-qaeda That says that well, a good portion of the troublemakers have nothing to do with al-qaeda That's within a margin of error as saying almost no one is.

In 1991 Dick Cheney said he didn't think the US didn't want the casualties and responsibility to run Iraq. Apparently Cheney got stupid over the past few years. Before he was a bit logical.

Remember only 2 attacks on US soil in the past 9 years. America isn't on its knees. The anthrax killers need to bee found. Osama need to be found. But oh, we toppled Hussein and created chaos in the mid-east.

George Bush is thinking about his legacy. He's about to be out of office and he's thinking about his presidential library and think tank. Who thinks of Bush and library and think tank. What are they going to have books about, cutting brush, mountain bike riding? In the think tank they'd come up with ways to screw things up? Is that what they're going to do there? Going to be a small tank.

71% of iraqis want the US out. 63% support the attacks against the US. Liberation needs to come from the inside. Had there been a civil war against Saddam Hussein we could have come in to help. You can't force democracy and liberalization by the barrel of a gun.

The only way Iraq will get better is if Iraqis solve their own problems. If they want to continue fighting over some religious differences from a thousand years ago, let them deal with it, it isn't our problem.

In a related story, the US has banned the sale of ipods to north korea.

Mojo Gives up.

--short break--

Last thing for this week.

Mojo wants to talk about immigration reform. A story from Escondido just north of Mojo. They passed a law forbidding landlords from renting to illegal immigrants. Friends this is all pissing in the ocean. Are you really serious about illegal immigration? Its real simple, JOBS!
If US companies stop hiring illegal immigrants, the people will stop coming over and go home or they will get into the program that will make them legal immigrants. If they don't have a job, they aren't coming. There's already laws on the books. We just need to enforce them. Either you have the card that says you can work over here or you can't. It happens because employers are cheap and greedy. Businessmen are addicted to the cheap labor.

If a contractor spends 5 years in jail for hiring illegal immigrants, he wouldn't do it again. His buddies sure wouldn't do it. As soon as he got out he'd make sure he didn't do it again. There has to be a simple way to make sure that people have the card that allows them to work.

The fences on the border won't work. We need to stop the cause of them coming here, which is to work.



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